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If you care about your money, your safety, and your time, you should try purchasing cigarettes online.
By: Kevin Halderman

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To find cheap cigarettes

With an increase in the price of cigarette in the past few years, it has become really difficult to find cheap cigarettes. Every regular smoker is looking for a better and cheaper way to afford cigarettes in daily life. Until a decade earlier it was very difficult for a smoker to get quality cigarettes at an affordable price. They had to rely on their local stores for the supply of smokes. But things have changed and technology has allowed smoke enthusiasts to purchase cigarettes at affordable prices. Internet is one such technological invention that has made purchase of good quality tobacco products at cheap price possible. Internet has developed tremendously in past few years and it has become really easy to find cheap cigarettes over the internet. There are so many websites which are designed to cater the daily smoking needs of regular smokers. So where can I buy cheap cigarettes online? In this article, we are going to explain some of the best places for purchasing cigarettes over the internet.

Here good cheap cigarettes

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Nation against smoking

Nation against smoking
On the 29th April 2013, 2020health organised a debate on plain packaging of cigarettes with UCL, sponsored by Cancer Research UK and open to all. This debate explored some of the arguments for and against standardised packs with the dynamic participation of a live audience. Hosted by Professor of Medical Anthropology, David Napier, in a bustling University College London lecture theatre and chaired by 2020health chairman, Dame Helena Shovelton DBE, the panel debated the motion:  ‘This  house  believes  that  plain  packaging of cigarettes will benefit the health of the   nation’.   The Right Honourable Kevin Baron, MP for the Rother Valley and Professor Robert West, Health Psychology, University College London spoke for the motion; Ian Paisley Jr, MP for North Antrim and Claire Fox, Director and Founder of the Institute of Ideas think tank spoke against. Following all four speeches, the panel took questions from the audience. An audience vote was taken both before and after the motion was debated.

The government of the United Kingdom is seeking ways to reduce the uptake and prevalence of smoking. During the course of the 20th century a growing body of evidence has indicated the correlation between lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases with the use of tobacco. The body of research has included epidemiological and biomedical studies developing the evidence base that indicates the   mechanism   behind   tobacco’s   carcinogenic properties. Studies have also investigated the uptake of tobacco use and the levels of addiction among users. Other research has identified links between tobacco use and socioeconomic status. Tobacco use in the UK dates back to the 16th century, and it is has become an activity entwined with social and medical history.

Tobacco induced pulmonary diseases, and other chronic implications of long term tobacco use have a cost to the health service. The tobacco industry pays duty on its sales. Consequently there are financial implications to further tobacco interventions. With the range of negatively associated consequences to health and wellbeing in mind, the UK governments have made reducing tobacco use a long term objective. In 2012 the UK government held a consultation  on  the  ‘standardised  packaging  of  tobacco  products.’  As  of  April  2013,  no  formal  recommendation has been made from the UK government.

Addressing tobacco use is a social, economic, financial and legal challenge. Tobacco legislation is intended to protect people from the dangers of tobacco and dissuade people from taking up smoking. In recent years a series of new legislation has been enforced. Tobacco advertising has been banned since 2003. The smoking ban in public places and business came into force in Scotland on March 26th 2006; Wales on April 2nd; and Northern Ireland on April 30th.

England enforced the ban a year later on July 1st 2007. Since the introduction of the ban, there has been a significant reduction in the number of smoking related hospital admissions for heart attacks, stroke and respiratory disease. These findings have been reiterated in many international studies. The Point of Sale Display Ban (POSD) was introduced in England on 6 April 2012 making it illegal to display tobacco products at the point of sale in large stores, and in small stores from 6 April 2015.
Health campaigners are now pressing for packaging of cigarettes to be standardised and remove all branding. They strong of susceptibility to attractive packaging and brand names.

The Australian Tobacco Plain Packaging Act 2011 requires all tobacco products sold in Australia to have plain packaging. New Zealand has announced similar plans, and the Scottish Government has announced that this will also form part of their reduction in smoking strategy. The impact of these measures is yet to be assessed. Some campaigners argue that the removal of branding is an infringement of civil liberty and sets a precedent against an   individual’s   freedoms   and   rights   to   choice.   Others   arguing   against   standardised   packaging,   suggest that it will result in an increase in illicit tobacco trade. Is this an appropriate path for the United Kingdom to go down and what does it mean for society?


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